AIR NEWS is wholly Australian owned and operated, delivering independently produced radio news services specifically for Australian audiences.

Australian Independent Radio News, known colloquially as AIR News, delivers News, Sport and ancilliary services to Radio stations across Australia.

AIR News requires no Satellite or landline facilities to be installed, just a decent broadband Internet connection.

The service operates 7 days a week with news and sport on the hour, specifically designed for the professional radio market and is suitable for Commercial, Community and Internet based Radio Stations.

The news packages are delivered to stations just prior to the hour via the Internet, and automatically slotted into Radio playout software ready to air when it suits the station.

No more "timing out" to the top of the hour in order to hear the latest news, AIR News moves on air when you want it to.

All packages are produced as raw audio, therefore there is no "Intro Theme", which means affiliate stations are free to develop their own opener to suit the image of the station.

In order to commence as an affiliate of the AIR News network, there is a 12 month service agreement which needs to be completed following your acceptance of a quote for delivery to your station. There is also a requirement to agree to the standard terms and conditions. To read these click here.

It usually takes a couple of weeks to install the AIR news service, although we have managed it in two days dealing with a tech-savvy radio station. There is automated download software to be installed at the radio station which requires scripting and testing, so it is worthwhile having someone with a reasonable IT brain on hand to assist with your installation.

For more on what the affiliate stations think of our service, Click here

The National News and Sport service is delivered seven days a week, beginning at 6am through till 8pm Eastern Monday to Friday , and between 7am and 5pm on Saturday and Sunday. The combined bulletin runs around the 4 minutes 30 seconds mark.

There is also a Headlines service in conjunction with the National News service and is available Monday to Friday for breakfast and drive radio shifts.

There's also an evening News/Sport capsule covering "what happened today" which is perfect for later in the evening if you wish a quick news/sport wrap.

and overnight we deliver the FSN World news update, available from midnight through to 5am

As well as the National Bulletins, each morning Monday to Friday, we produce a local State/Territory bulletin for every State or Territory in the Country. It is a single bulletin only, available by 7:20am local time and available to non-network affiliate stations.

Air Sport Australia is a Monday to Friday package of sports news of interest to most Australians.

The First edition in the morning runs for around 4 minutes and covers sports such as AFL, NRL, Super 15 Rugby, A-League and International Football, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Motorsport, Basketball, Netball, Cycling and Athetics, hosted by Arthur Stevens.

The second edition,is available late afternoon also Mon-Fri running for 3-4 minutes, hosted by Mike Atkinson.

If it's a major sport of interest to Australians, we'll cover it in AIR Sport Australia

The World is our Monday to Friday International News magazine. Produced in conjunction with our international news partners Feature Story News, based in Washington DC, but with reporters across the world and studios in New York, Orlando, San Francisco, London, Brussels, Moscow and Beirut.

It runs precisely 10 minutes and is popular with stations with morning magazine-type formats, or those wanting something a little further-reaching at, say, midday.

AIR News is now a distribution services for high quality programming supporting the Community radio sector

We're now delivering the highy regarded programs Behind the Wheel and Real Country as well as 2 hour music program Melomania.